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Stick you Wedges!

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  • Trevino on Wedge Play +

    Trevino on Wedge Play Spin it like the pros - Trevino shares his secrets Read More
  • Short "Pitch Shots" +

    Short Iconic Instructor Butch Harmon on hitting short pitch shots Read More
  • Tiger's Best Shots! +

    Tiger's Best Shots! Remember when Tiger could awe? - Relive his best shots Read More
  • Freddy on Proper Release +

    Freddy on Proper Release Freddy demonstrates the importance of proper relase Read More
  • Putting W/Ben +

    Putting W/Ben One the games best putters shares tips with you Read More
  • Finish Out Front +

    Finish Out Front Six-time Major Champ Sir Nick on proper finish Read More
  • The Life of Sarazen +

    The Life of Sarazen He was one of the greats - See his video biography Read More
  • Azinging on Chipping +

    Azinging on Chipping Azinger shows you how to play chip & pitch shots Read More
  • Fix Your Slice! +

    Fix Your Slice! Johnny Miller shows you how to lose that nasty slice! Read More
  • Better Ball Striking +

    Better Ball Striking A couple of my favorite drills for better ball striking Read More
  • Snead vs. Hogan +

    Snead vs. Hogan An epic match from Shell's Wonderful World of Golf Read More
  • Shhh..Jack Speaks +

    Shhh..Jack Speaks The game's greatest player is speaking - You are listening Read More
  • Pound the "BIG DOG" +

    Pound the "Boom Boom" shares tips on beatin' the BIG DOG! Read More
  • Sir Nick on Wedges +

    Sir Nick on Wedges 6-time Major Champion Nick Faldo gives tips on wedge play Read More
  • Lee on the Swing +

    Lee on the Swing Wanna' hit it better? - Do what Trevino tells ya' Read More
  • Hank Haney on the Slice +

    Hank Haney on the Slice Tiger's former tutor gives tips on fixing the dreaded slice! Read More
  • Phil on Bunker Shots +

    Phil on Bunker Shots "Phil the Thrill" shows you how to play bunker shots Read More
  • Lesson from Butch +

    Lesson from Butch A young Tiger Woods gets a lesson from Butch Read More
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