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Oakbrook Golf Course

Lakewood, WA.


Public   18-holes


oakbrook 600dThey Say: Oakbrook Golf Course, located in Lakewood, Washington, stands to this day as one of Washington's finest golf facilities - It has been meticulously cared for since it's opening in 1966 - Now, as of January 1st, 2012, for the first time in the club's history Oakbrook is open to the public! - Come out and enjoy one of the most prestigious and elite facilities in the South Puget Sound for the last 45+ years

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cg bust 125cGW Says: I've played Oakbrook a couple of times but not since they opened to the public - When I played it, the course was very well maintained and the on-site amenities were superb - The greens at Oakbrook are typical of older country clubs in that they are smallish in size but roll fast and true - Oakbrook is definitely worth a play - If you've played Oakbrook recently please leave us a comment