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Lakeland Village Golf Course


Allyn, WA.

Lakeland Village Golf Course - Allyn



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Notes & Tips:  I've played Lakeland Village golf course just once although it was several years ago - It was the middle of summer and the course was in great condition from the tees thru the greens - I remember the greens being smallish and rolling pretty fast, so that was fun - The biggest tip I could give anyone heading to play Lakeland Village is to find the fairways! - Huge trees and various vegetation surround most of the holes - And if that weren't enough, there were more out-of-bounds stakes at this course than perhaps any other I've played - It's not overly long so if you can keep your ball 'twixt the trees, you can score well here - Hit it crooked and numbers you will be taking - That all being said, Lakeland Village is worth a visit when out on the Olympic Peninsula