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Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club


Alderbrook Golf Club - Union



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we say 75d1We Say:  I've played Alderbrook golf course a couple of times, and enjoyed the experience each time - The overall course conditioning was fine and the greens were medium-fast and well maintained - The layout is interesting in spots and allows you to hit a variety of shots - As is the case with many Western Washington golf courses, tall timbers are part of the layout and force you to keep your ball 'tween the trees to have any chance at a score - However beyond the layout and conditioning, I'd mostly recommend Alderbrook simply for its location and scenery - The Olympic Peninsula is a beautiful part of Washington state and on a sunny day, views of the Olympic mountains are a big part of the appeal at Alderbrook - It makes for a cool day-trip if you and your buddies are looking for something new