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Desert Canyon Golf Course


Orondo, WA.

Desert Canyon Golf Course - Orondo800-258-4173


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Notes & Tips:  I've played Desert Canyon golf course several times and it's fallen between spectacular and just OK (course conditioning has been inconsistent although the last time I played in 2014, it was fine) - The layout of the course is one of the best around - Each of the 18-holes are unique and combine doglegs and elevation changes that make club selection tricky - And just for good measure, Desert Canyon offers up a handful of blind shots, both from the tees and the fairways - A yardage book is a helpful tool the first time around this course - All that said, Desert Canyon sports one of the best individual holes anywhere in the NW - The par-5 6th hole on the Desert 9 is a remarkable golf hole - It can play as long as 690 yards (yes just 10 yards shy of 700!) but because of the severe downhill drop, it plays much shorter - The tee box is perched atop a bluff and provides sweeping, panoramic views of the Columbia River - Desert Canyon is worth a play if only for this hole alone - As for amenities, an on-site restaurant, nicely stocked pro shop and full practice facilities are available - Desert Canyon is definitely worth a play when in Central Washington.