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Chambers Bay Golf Course


University Place, WA.

Chambers Bay Golf Course - University Place253-460-4653


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Notes & Tips:  I've played Chambers Bay golf course back in 2012 and walked away with mixed emotions - On the one hand it's an exceptional layout on a beautiful piece of property - Very much a feeling of playing a links course in Scotland - It offers all the amenities you'd expect from a U.S. Open venue and is an obvious play for the avid golfer - On the other hand it's spendy and power carts are not allowed - It's a big golf course with plenty of hilly terrain so if you're not up for a decent walk, Chambers Bay is not for you - Of more concern was the overall condition of the greens - Because the course is predominantly fescue grass, including the greens, they tend to play slow (very slow) for the general public - That was my only source of real disappointment in Chambers Bay - Other than that, it's obviously one the premier courses in Washington and the entire west coast - If you've played here recently, please leave a comment below