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The Golf Club at Echo Falls


Snohomish, WA.

Echo Falls golf course - Snohomish



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Notes & Tips:  I've played Echo Falls just once but not recently - The course conditioning was fine and with the exception of a couple of holes, the layout was just above average - Hitting it straight is a premium here as there are lots of water ponds, bunkers and trees to penalize crooked shots - However it is the best option out in the Snohomish area and is worth a play if you haven't been before - The highlight of my day at Echo Falls was getting to have a beer out on the deck with country music singer and actor Mac Davis! - For the unaware he had a hit song in the 70's (Baby don't get hooked on me) and starred opposite Nick Nolte in the 1979 football movie "North Dallas Forty" - Great guy and entertained us for a couple of hours with stories not suitable for youngsters...