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Eaglemont Golf Course

Eaglemont Golf Course - Mount Vernon


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cg bust 125cNotes & Tips:  I've played Eaglemont many times and would recommend it when in the area - They've gone out of their way to make it a more player friendly course over the past few years - When it first opened back in 1993, it was BRUTAL hard - However cleared out vegetation, tree trimmings, and nicer tee box placements have made it much more playable for the average golfer - On nice days the views of the Skagit Valley and Mt. Baker to the north are fairly spectacular - The relocation of the clubhouse and restaurant up on the hill-top have added even more options for enjoying the scenery and the practice areas are close to the 1st tee and parking - Definitely worth a play



+1 #2 David Crowe 2018-06-07 18:25
I live in Mount Vernon and play Eaglemont a lot. It is by far the best course in Skagit and Island counties. I do have to say that the 19th hole and restaurant have the best views by far than any other golf courses in Washington State. I am disabled and Cory the pro goes out of his way to see that I can play the course. I am just a 9 holer.
+1 #1 Marshall H 2018-05-31 04:41
Played Eaglemont last week for the first time. It was outstanding. The front nine is tremendous. The second nine is very good as well, but with the houses, it doesn’t live up to the front nine. That said, it’s a great layout, really fun and challenging. The greens were near perfect. I also saw several deer and a bear. Just a cool place. Can’t wait to go back