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Overlook Golf Course


Mount Vernon, WA

Overlook Golf Course - Mount Vernon



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cg bust 125cNotes & Tips:  I've played Overlook golf course and it was fun and laid back - It's an inexpensive, rural 9-holer that's kept in pretty good shape - It's very family friendly and a good course for beginners - More accomplished players will enjoy Overlook as a place to for a little practice without the pressure and expense of more established courses - And not to mention the location is on a hillside overlooking Big Lake so the views are pretty awesome! - For any of you who have played here recently, please leave a comment below



0 #1 Dennis G 2018-06-16 21:26
Just played for the first time a few days ago. Great 9 hole course. Greens are country club smooth but not lightning fast. Course is well kept, playable for any skill level and is a great value. Owner is very personable. Will be heading back this week.