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Semiahmoo Golf Course & CC


Blaine, WA.

Semiahmoo Golf Course & Country Club



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cg bust 125cNotes & Tips:  I've played Semiahmoo several times and don't hesitate to recommend it - It was originally built as the sister course to Loomis Trail and began life as a private facility - It has been open to the public for years, but as of September 2018 it is only available to members, guests, and resort patrons. The layout of the course is interesting and several holes provide scenic views - The course winds thru wetlands and natural vegetation and it's not uncommon to see deer, bald eagles and assorted wildlife - It's usually in pretty good shape although it gets a little soggy when the rain comes - The amenities at Semiahmoo are excellent - Large practice green, full driving range and full-service restaurant are all part of the package - If you know a member or are staying at the resort, the course is definitely worth a play