Public Golf Tournaments in Washington State

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Washington Public Golf Tournaments

Public golf tournaments abound in Washington State - The information below is your resource for tournament opportunities

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The NW Section of the PGA is the governing body for professional events throughout the area and they run the premier Washington golf tournaments each year - These include the Washington & Oregon Opens, the Rosauers Open Invitational and the NW Open Invitational - Amateurs are eligible to compete in these events however you generally have to play with a competing professional and must have an active GHIN handicap

Within the NW Section, individual Chapters operate tournaments specific to particular regions of the NW - Most of these are of the Pro-Am variety - Chapter events are much more relaxed than the large Section tournaments, however you'll still likely need to play with a local area professional

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Check out these tournament opportunities provided by our state golf associations

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Washington Public Golf Tournaments

Finally, let's not forget about the hundreds of golf tournaments in Washington each year hosted at local golf courses - From city championships to fund raising scrambles, most courses post these events on their websites - Visit our Washington golf course directory for easy access to the nearly 300 public golf courses in Washington