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Skamania Lodge Golf Course


Stevenson, WA.

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cg bust 125cNotes & Tips:  I'm no help as I haven't yet played the golf course at Skamania Lodge resort - It looks really nice and is located in a spectacular part of the state, so I'm not sure you can go wrong - For any of you who have played here, please leave a comment below



+1 #1 Doug 2017-11-09 00:34
Skamania Golf Course , in my opinion is a great golf course, now it is not long by any stretch, but what makes this golf course challenging is that it is very narrow, unless you hit your driver straight , you will be playing a long iron or maybe 3-5 wood off tee, some awesome views, challenging greens, the Resort is great, awesome staff - we plan to play here many more times in the future