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Kahler Glen Golf & Ski Resort

kahler glen 600d8Just five minutes off of Hwy. 2 and around 20 minutes west of Leavenworth lies Kahler Glen Golf & Ski Resort - If you've not played here, you'll definitely want to put it on your list!

For starters, it's an easy "get-to" - The drive from Everett is inside 90-minutes, and around 2-hours from Seattle & Bellingham - And even though the drive is short, once there it feels like you've gone back in time - The setting is serene as the course is nestled in the eastern cascade foothills just a driver and 7-iron from pristine Lake Wenatchee - Kahler Glen feels like it's way further off the beaten path than it actually is - Simply put, it's a relaxing place to go play a little golf and escape the "rat-race"

As for the golf course, I love it as all 18-holes are loaded with character - It's not overly long, although even the big hitters can bust out driver if they wish to get greedy - But beware as tall trees, sharp doglegs and extreme elevation changes give it plenty of bite - It's a bit tricky the first time around as the aforementioned doglegs and elevation changes make picking a club an exercise in guessin' - But I promise that when finished, you'll want to take your hard-earned course knowledge and go play it again! - Different sets of tees make it playable for all skill levels so bring your buddies or the wives, either way it's fun for all

Regarding the course conditioning, they do a great job for being a smallerkhahler glen 600d3 operation - And the amenities are more than adequate with a restaurant on-site and small pro-shop offering the basics - One really fun feature is their aqua driving range - You'll warm up before your round by hitting floating golf balls to island greens in the middle of a pond!

If you are interested in staying for a few days, they offer a number of privately owned condominiums for rent, many that are right on the fairways - My wife and I rent one of the fairway condos for a few days each summer and always have a great time - Bottom line; If you've not yet played Kahler Glen, make a tee time soon - You're missing a hidden gem in North Central Washington! - Give them a call at: 800-440-2994 or Visit their website

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