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 Gamble Sands Golf Course{jcomments on}

Gamble Sands Golf Course

One of the unique aspects of Washington is the varied topography and climates between the west and east sides of the Cascades – A 3-hour or so drive east of Seattle lies the tiny farming community of Brewster – Off the beaten track for sure but Brewster also happens to be home to the state’s newest, and I would argue best, championship course – Gamble Sands sits perched atop a bluff overlooking the mighty Columbia River – Nearly every hole provides sweeping panoramic vistas, while the golf course itself can hold its own against the finest in the world

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I played Gamble Sands not too long after it opened in August of 2014 and again the following year - I'll try and be unbiased, but since I love the wide-open golf and sweeping views often associated with courses on the eastern side of the state, I give Gamble Sands 5-stars out of 5! - The location is spectacular, provided of course that postcard views of the Columbia River and North Central Washington are of your liking - The layout is links-style with open fairways and large, often undulating greens - Course conditioning is as good as it gets and the greens roll pure! - Several blind tee shots make it a bit tricky the first time around, and make sure you call ahead to verify driving directions - The weather was perfect each time we played, but the wind can definitely be a factor at times, so be aware - But whatever, just do yourself a favor and play Gamble Sands as soon as you can - It's Washington golf at its finest! - Visit their website at: click here 125d1