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Highlander Golf Course

highlander golf course - East Wenatchee

Designed by golf architect John Steidel and built by the artistic hand of Jim Haley (of Bandon Dunes fame), The Highlander Golf Course is an 18-hole, 6,466-yard beauty in East Wenatchee - It is carved atop a cliff nearly 900 feet above the mighty Columbia River and offers sweeping views of the river gorge and surrounding landscapes. So precarious is the perch, that the scorecard offers a warning to golfers on the 9th hole; “If your ball ends up in the ravine - Do Not Attempt to Retrieve - EXTREME DANGER.” But alas... if you need to be told not to venture into that ravine, then you, my friend, have issues far beyond a simple lost ball! Located just 150 miles from Seattle and 170 miles from Spokane, the Highlander Golf Club resides on the Eastern slopes of the Cascade mountain range and is easily accessible from anywhere in the state.

highlander golf courseThe course was originally designed in the mold of the classic Scottish Highlands courses but received an overhaul in 2010 – It now sports three different holes where golfers must carry their shots across canyons ingeniously carved into cliff-side – Since the overhaul the course is more player friendly than in years past – But be warned, due to the exposed nature of its hilltop location, the weather (specifically the wind) can be more of a hazard than any of the on-course obstacles. Once on the greens, players are treated with medium-fast, well-manicured, and multi-tiered surfaces putting surfaces.

To compliment the golf course, a large clubhouse awaits – It features a fully stocked pro shop and full-service restaurant. Perhaps most spectacular is the outside deck allowing golfers to enjoy food & drink while basking in the panoramic views - All told, the Highlander Golf Club offers an outstanding mix of golf and amenities. Add its convenient central Washington location, and its popularity as a destination for group and corporate golf outings becomes obvious - Visit them online at: Click Here