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Palouse Ridge Golf Course

palouse ridge 575bdIf you enjoy golf in the wide open spaces of Eastern Washington, then get yourself over to Palouse Ridge Golf Course – It is the home course for the Washington State Cougar men’s & women’s golf programs and is one our state’s finer tracks

Tucked away in the southeast corner of Washington State, the Palouse is a majestic region of rolling hills and rich farmlands that stretch for hundreds of miles - The picturesque silt dunes that characterize the Palouse were created during the last Ice Age, when wind and snow deposited thick layers of volcanic sediment and glacial till in the area - Over time, a composite soil of exceptional depth and fertility was created among the roller-coaster landforms - Level land is a rarity here - As landscape photographers can attest, the Palouse offers a near-perfect combination of topography, weather, and crops, including a patchwork quilt of wheat, lentils, and dry peas

Palouse Ridge Golf CourseSculpted into this one-of-kind landscape is Palouse Ridge Golf Club, which at first glance appears airlifted into the undulating hills. Surrounding the course and its pine-dotted ridges are rolling farms that change in color from bright green to golden amber to the textured browns of autumn. While native prairie is one of the most endangered ecosystems in the U.S., the golf course was routed to preserve a significant riparian corridor that gives players a feel for what the pre-agriculture Palouse once looked like. Flanking the right side of the third, fourth and fifth holes, this 30-foot-tall hedgerow, a scrub mixPalouse Ridge Golf Course of alder, hawthorn, and native fescue grasses, shelters a wide variety of wildlife. Hawks (both redtail and harrier) glide overhead. Coyotes, raccoons, and badgers are commonly seen in and around the corridor. In addition, a pair of ponds and low-lying wetlands attract waterfowl to the course. Following the round, golfers, as well as non-golfers traveling in their company can explore a wide range of cultural, recreational and sightseeing options in and around Pullman - Visit them onlie at: Click Here