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North Bellingham Golf Course

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They promote it as a “Real Scottish Style Links” course and, depending on your definition of the words “Real” “Scottish” and “Links”, North Bellingham Golf Course is a reasonable facsimile thereof – While the course doesn’t sit on a wind-buffeted, seaside bluff, it does not lack for scenery – It is located amid open farmland in central Whatcom county about 15 minutes NE of downtown Bellingham - Sweeping views of the surrounding countryside abound with nearby Mt. Baker as a majestic companion (NW weather visibility depending of course) – Much like the links courses in Scotland, the wide-open nature of this layout often invites our friend Mr. wind to the party – Better brush up on a knockdown shot before teeing it here – I’m just sayin’… Also in line with links courses, very few greens at North Bellingham are guarded in front by badness – Consequently, there exist multiple options…er….decisions if you’re a glass is half-empty type, for getting your ball around this course

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 I’ve played here many times and never been disappointed by the course conditions – The greens are well maintained and can get above-average fast at times and the fairways and tee blocks are always mowed and clean – Considering that North Bellingham is one of the busier courses in the area, the overall conditioning is even more impressive – It also drains pretty well so it’s a good option during the winter months

For those in need of a place to heal golf games currently broken, the practice facilities at North Bellingham are of emergency room quality - The practice green is large enough to accommodate plenty of panicked pre-round putters with a lot of different hole locations – For those who prefer evasive dental work to finding their ball in a bunker, their chipping and pitching green comes complete with a sand trap – Their driving range is plenty large enough during the fair-weather months as golfers beat balls off the natural grass – For those of you so afflicted with the game that you’ll take practice swipes in the crud, a number of covered hitting stalls are available

Even though North Bellingham is a large golf course, it’s fairly flat so walking it isn’t a heart attack in waiting – Pull and power carts are available and the pro shop, while not large, is well stocked – Rounding out the facilities at North Bellingham is the 9 Restaurant – Serving breakfast thru dinner, the food is plenty good and their beverage options include beers, wines, & cocktails - Visit their website at: click here 125d1