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Eaglemont Golf Course

By: Chris Gregor

Published:  July, 2016

eaglemont golf courseCarved out of the Cascade Foothills in the beautiful Skagit Valley, Eaglemont golf course is visually spectacular and equally as challenging. Eaglemont is located only 3 miles off of Interstate 5 in Mount Vernon and it represents a wonderful union of golf and nature. The large manicured fairways and pure putting surfaces make for enjoyable golf, and the panoramic views of Mt. Baker and the surrounding Skagit Valley can be pretty spectacular. I’d recommend you deal with the hassle of taking your camera on your first trip to Eaglemont. If you catch a nice day, you’ll be glad you did.

It’s important to note that much work has been done at Eaglemont in order to tame it a bit. It used to be a fairly punitive layout with thick native grasses and natural wetlands reeking havoc with golf scores. Much of the “gow” has been thinned and several of those forced carries that once induced tee block SSD’s (Severe Self Doubts), have been shortened. So for any of you who may have avoided Eaglemont because of its reputation as a tough track, fear it no more. It has definitely been made more player-friendly but make no mistake; Eaglemont from the back two sets of tees is still one of the tougher tests around. However if you play it a bit shorter (there are five sets of tee blocks) it’s not nearly as intimidating for the beginner and intermediate golfer as it once was.eaglemont golf course - Mount Vernon

In terms of amenities, Eaglemont has improved there as well. A new clubhouse, complete with proshop and restaurant sits on the highest point on the property - Sweeping views from the patio and practice green are a treat for visitors -  For you of the price conscious ilk, I’m happy to report that the prices at Eaglemont are not prohibitive and include use of a power cart. If you haven't yet teed it up at Eaglemont, or haven't been there in a while, you should definitely put it on your playlist! - For more information, visit their website at: Click Here