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Loomis Trail Golf Club

loomis trail golf club -  Blaine, WA.Loomis Trail Golf Club is located in Blaine, WA. and is not far from beautiful Birch Bay - Among its other accolades, it has the distinction of being one of our States’ most difficult tracks. After playing Loomis for the first time I’m not sure I agree. Upon review, I believe there are several layouts around the state that represent a consistently tougher test, yet for my money, Loomis Trail is probably the states’ most difficult when playing it for the very first time. Water, sand and trees are ever-present at Loomis, and a good deal of the trouble can’t be seen from the tees. The fairways seem fairly generous to the untrained eye, but make no mistake, this track can punish a ‘bombs-away” attitude.

Should you manage to negotiate the treacherous trip from tees to green unscathed, relax not as you’re nowhere near finished. The greens at Loomis are big, fast and undulating. Positioning your ball on these greens in relation to the hole is the difference between an easy two-putt and hoping you take only three whaps! As you may recall, when they were first constructed, both Loomis Trail and Semiahmoo were slated as private facilities. Since then, they have opened their doors to public play – albeit on an every other day basis – but the tell tail signs of private golf still remain in the forms of well maintained fairways and greens and outstanding clubhouse and practice facilities.loomis trail golf club

The two aspects of Loomis Trail that stood out for me were the difficulty for the first time player and the pristine, almost remote surroundings. Loomis Trail is a truly beautiful, peaceful and almost lonely golf course. Each hole is distinct and playing the course resembles a nature hike with golf clubs. Many of the holes were played without seeing any other people and it felt at times like we were the only players on the course. I loved this layout and all I wanted to do when finished was immediately go tee it up again - Vist them online at: click here 200d2