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Willows Run Golf Complex

willows run golf complexAs it's name would imply, Willows Run is a full blown golf complex. Making up the layout are two 18-hole golf courses (Coyote Creek & Eagle’s Talon) plus a 9-hole par 3 family friendly course - As if that weren’t enough, they also offer full driving range, complete with a putting green and practice bunker, and sport a separate, 18-hole “themed” putting course called “Rainbow Run.” A well stocked pro shop and full-service restaurant complete the experience at Willows Run

As for the golf, the designers have done a nice job of incorporating several holes from the old course into the new and vice versa. The results are two separate, unique, and reasonably challenging tracks. In my opinion, the physical location of Willows Run both helps and hinders its cause. On one hand, the fact that it sits conveniently located just 10 minutes east of I-405 in Redmond, makes it an easy place to play, particularly on the spur of the moment. It’s reasonably priced and not so difficult that what you save in greens fees you give back purchasing golf balls. In short, Willows Run has mid-week, hooky from work, round of golf written all over it!willows run 350d1

On the other hand, the land in that area is flat and fairly open so Willows Run can never be geographically spectacular. However they have moved enough earth and laid out the holes in such a manner as to have made optimum use of the space they were given. The course was in good condition overall and the greens were surprisingly quick and tricky. Willows Run is worth a play when in the Seattle area - However make sure to call for a tee time as they can get busy on nice days - Visit them online at: Click Here